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Living Benefits

While life insurance pays out benefits after death, living benefits helps you and your loved ones cope with life hardships, such as disability income, and replacement of earned dollars due to accident or illness. At Abrams Financial, we offer three types of living benefits which are described below:

  • Disability Insurance – Becoming disabled can significantly impact your professional and personal life – that’s why disability insurance is so important. With our disability insurance options, you’ll be able to receive the income you need and spend your time focusing on getting better.


  • Critical Illness Insurance – A critical illness, such as cancer or a heart attack, is not at all uncommon these days and can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. With our healthcare system ailing, the importance of owning your own healthcare plan is crucial. Critical Illness coverage is one of the best ways to protect your family from the financial hardship that a major illness can cause, serving to preserve your lifestyle, savings and retirement plans. Providing a lump sum payment 30 days after diagnosis, this non-taxable amount of money can make the world of difference as you strive to recover.


  • Long-Term Care – As we age, it can become more challenging to care for yourself. Long Term Care insurance offers the support you need, providing a daily tax-free benefit for facility or home nursing care.


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