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Business Owners Advantage

Owning and operating your own business can be rewarding. But ensuring its long-term success and protecting it from financial risks can be challenging.

  • How will your business continue if you, a partner or other key employees can’t work due to a serious illness, disability or death?
  • What strategies will you use to help build equity and manage business taxes?
  • How will you provide benefits that help attract and retain the best people for the job?

Abrams Financial can help.

  • Whether your business is small, or large and complex, Abrams Financial’s life and health insurance solutions can help address your unique business planning needs and offset some of the risks you face.

Types of Business Insurance:

  • Key Person Insurance – Key Person Insurance offers pivotal protection and the means to preserve the value of your business in the event of the death of a key business stakeholder. At Abrams Financial, we will educate and advise you on obtaining robust coverage.
  • Buy/Sell Insurance – Businesses need to ensure that shareholders are protected from the financial risks associated with the loss of an owner. In addition, surviving shareholders need to make sure that funds are immediately available to buy out the shares of their deceased partner(s). Insurance provides this important protection. To meet your Buy/Sell Insurance needs, Abrams Financial offers expert technical knowledge and a network of professional resources, such as tax lawyer specialists, who will provide a comprehensive review of your Buy/Sell Agreement to ensure it is tax efficiently funded.

Experience Abrams Financial

Dale and his team have been successfully providing creative insurance and investment solutions for medical professionals, business owners and high net income individuals & families for over 10 years. Dale ensures that his client’s best interests are consistently met.