Dr. Ashley Fraser

I met Dale Abrams in my final year of medical school and have been very impressed with him and his team to date. More specifically, he has a great business sense, is very dedicated to the client and the client’s needs and he has a vast knowledge base on all aspects of insurance. More recently we have been exploring Abrams Financial’s other physician services including wealth management and incorporation and I look forward to Dale’s advice as I tackle this next stage of my career.

Dr. Max Weisbrod

Abrams Financial helped me navigate the complicated process of choosing an appropriate insurance plan and I continue to turn to them for all other financial concerns. I highly recommend them to anyone undergoing medical training for sound and knowledgeable financial advice.

Dr. Daniel Soong

I have been with Abrams financial for over five years. Financially, they have been an incredible help through my transition to residency and my transition into practice. Dale and Justin produce great results, are realistic and are incredibly approachable. They really go the extra mile for you and without a doubt, I will be using Abrams Financial throughout my career.

Dr. Christine Ibrahim

I have been with Dale of Abrams Financial since the very beginning of my medical career. When I was finishing medical school, many companies tried to sell me insurance products, and it was very much about meeting a ‘bottom line.’ However, Dale was more interested in seeing what I wanted to do, and what my future plans and goals were. We worked together to make decisions, and I have nothing but trust and comfort in Dale. I would recommend Dale and the rest of Abrams Financial team to any physician looking for a financial advisor who they can trust wholeheartedly.